Multiple Flavored Whole Cane Nectars

Flavored Whole Cane Nectars

Our Artisanal Craft Whole Cane Nectars are truly unique with endless possibilities (Vanilla or Chocolate Lattes, Fruit Smoothies, Craft Cocktails, Excellent in all baked goods, Toppings, Sauces and more.

21 Missions Infused Whole Cane Syrups add depth and complexity to your favorite food or beverage.

  • Vanilla Whole Cane
  • Hazelnut Whole Cane
  • Chocolate Whole Cane
  • Maple Whole Cane
  • Coconut-lemon Whole Cane
  • Citrus-Yuzu Whole Cane
  • Blood-orange Whole Cane
  • Persian-Lime Whole Cane
  • Strawberry Whole Cane

  • All of the natural ingredients used in 21 Missions Whole Cane Nectars are selected based on exceptional flavor and the highest quality.
  • Our Whole Cane Nectars are infused with all natural flavorings made from botanicals, whole fruit essences and essential oils.
  • Because there are no substitutes for high quality natural ingredients, nothing artificial is used in the Flavored Agave Nectars

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Flavored Unrefined Whole Cane 55
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Flavored Whole Cane Nectars