Craft Foodservice Bulk Flavored Whole Cane 55

Flavored Unrefined Whole Cane 55
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Our Artisanal Craft Whole Cane Nectars are truly unique with endless possibilities.

21 Missions Infused Whole Cane Syrups add depth and complexity to your favorite food or beverage.

  • Vanilla Whole Cane
  • Hazelnut Whole Cane
  • Chocolate Whole Cane
  • Maple Whole Cane
  • Coconut-lemon Whole Cane
  • Citrus-Yuzu Whole Cane
  • Blood-orange Whole Cane
  • Persian-Lime Whole Cane
  • Strawberry Whole Cane
  • All of the natural ingredients used in 21 Missions Whole Cane Nectars are selected based on exceptional flavor and the highest quality.
  • Our Whole Cane Nectars are infused with all natural flavorings made from botanicals, whole fruit essences and essential oils.
  • Because there are no substitutes for high quality natural ingredients, nothing artificial is used in the Flavored Agave Nectars


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Flavored Unrefined Whole Cane 55